EdEn approaches every project from the fundamentals of sustainable design which are rooted in a thorough site and climate analysis.


We apply sustainable design principles at the design stage and optimize orientation, form and building skins. Our expertise allows us to identify passive strategies and assess resources before approaching alternative sources of energy.


Therefore, a green building is pursued to be an environmentally and culturally responsive system, where green certification is an added advantage.






Understanding existing site conditions and user requirements is key to the formulation of project-specific environmental goals. The fundamental theories of site and climate analysis along with identification of passive strategy techniques and intelligent building materials are compiled for appropriate application in the project.


Design solutions are carefully constructed with the latest innovations and sustainable technologies that meet the environmental goals of the project. Incorporation of these techniques is achieved by steering a successful collaboration from start to finish.


EdEn believes sharing knowledge is key and this belief inspires us to take an active role in the participation of organized social events promoting sustainable habitats and alternative lifestyles. Using our projects successful showcases of holistic sustainable solutions allows us to inspire and encourage green initiatives within and beyond project boundaries.